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Rexnord  Industrial Chain

Chain Pitch: 0.375 in; Number of Strands: 1; MINO: 00190051
SKU: 06B-1 OL 50 PC

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Link-Belt and Rexnord Roller Chain offers a wide varity of options. Standard roller chain is broadly used in power transmission applications ranging from general industrial applications to demanding oil field service to operation in such specialized areas as food processing and heavy construction equipment. Double-pitch drive chains frequently prove the economical choice for slower speed drives on relatively long centers. Corrosion resistance—Standard roller chain made of stainless steel provides excellent performance in applications requiring high resistance to corrosive attack. Shock resistance—Link-Belt SU and Rexnord Heavy "H" series roller chain provides additional capacity to withstand intermittent shock loading. Features include improved fatigue resistance, thicker sidebars, and heat-treated pins. Extra clearance—Trans-Flex chain is designed for severe duty applications, such as in transit mixers, crawler drives, and other uses requiring delivery of full power despite recurrent sprocket misalignment. ULTR-O-LIFE O-ring roller chain — Uses square cross sectional O-rings to seal in special lube while sealing out dirt, moisture and other contaminants. Available in 5/8” thru 1 1/4” pitch single pitch series. Runs on standard ANSI sprockets. Side bow roller chain —Extra clearance chain with ability to flex and twist. Ideal for use on curved conveyors or to transmit power under misaligned sprocket conditions. Available in 3/8” to 1” single pitch. Block chain— Used in light load, low speed conveyors. Consisting of block links (solid or laminated) and link plates joined by pins, all block chains are 1” pitch and vary in width of block from 3/16” to 1/2”. Hollow pin chain— Constructed with special pin links which have hollow pins assembled in the pin plates. This unique design allows easy insertion of cross rods or attachments to preassembled chain at desired spacings. Attachments can be repositioned without removing chain from conveyor. It is available in single and double-pitch with or without Carrier Rollers. REDI-LUBE chain —Self-lubricating, heavy walled, oil-impregnated, sintered steel bushings replace bushing and roller of standard ANSI chain. Available in single and double-pitch. British Standard Chains - chains that comply with metric ISO standards

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